Ibd LED/UV Builder Gel Pink V 56g /2.oz

€59,00 €34,95

All ibd gels are formulated by our in-house team of chemists and further perfected by our award winning team of experienced professional nail technicians and educators. All ibd gels are similar in their chemistry differing mainly in color and pigment. UV gels contain an oligomer, acrylic ester monomer, photo-initiator and in some formulas pigments.

The upgraded technology, vibrant color choices, and controlled cure allow the technician to sculpt with ease. The odor free formulation makes it perfect for salon or spa environments. Allows acrylic users to easily transition to gel. Reformulated silica based oligomers combine scientifically to maintain workability and strength. Performs like a gel, acts like an acrylic. Controlled cure, product is workable and movable until cured under the UV lamp. Making application easy, the IBD Xtreme Builder Gels level themselves. Advanced oligomers enable the product to level and maintain a high shine. IBD utilizes special formulas of acrylate oligomers that create adhesion. UV inhibitors control discoloration and yellowing of these high performance gels.

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