Ibd Just Gel DESTINATION COLOUR Collection - 2017

Just Gel DESTINATION COLOUR Summer Collection
ibd introduces 8 bright new summer colors!:
Just Gel Polish Buenos Dias Barcelona
Just Gel Polish Singapore Your Heart Out 
Just Gel Polish Melbourne To Travel
Just Gel Polish Berlin & Out
Just Gel Polish Hong Kong Highlife
Just Gel Polish Just LA-nding
Just Gel Polish Dublin or Nothing
Just Gel Polish Londen Layover

Ibd Destination Colour Collection - a bright, whimsical collection of free-spirited shades meant to ignite your wanderlust. Playful hues in vibrant tones send you off on adventures of the heart and mind. It’s about stamps on your passport, fascinating strangers in foreign cafés, jets and gondolas, trains and zip lines. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about what happens along the way!